We offer a range of therapy options to our clients. Often behavioral issues and training problems stem from physical discomfort or the simple inability to perform the required task. Soreness and inadequate range of motion can lead to more serious soundness issues down the track. Poor saddle, fit, paddock accidents, unbalanced rider, poor conformation, incorrect training can all lead to muscle damage and associated nervous issues. We aim to create a holistic approach to horse training and welfare. We want happier horses, happier riders and better performance.
Therapy can also be used to assist with aging horses general health issues, maintenance of condition, young horses beginning their careers and training their bodies to new demands, nervous horses, aggression issues, lameness and even colic and digestive related issues. Recovery times can be reduced and our forms of therapy work well in aiding recovery from surgery, illness and injury. We also offer methods of naturally reducing pain and improving wellbeing.

We offer the following options.

Equine Red Light Therapy as taught be Dianne Jenkins - RLT uses state of the art technology to supply 660nm of Red Light (NOT LASER) to stimulate the photosensitive responses of cells. This generates repair and growth. Combining this with the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure we are able to stimulate body systems, nervous conditions, improve circulation and help with a range of issues. There is no heat or burning, it is non invasive and often our first choice with sensitive and nervous stock or those in pain. Successfully used across the world in a variety of fields and at the highest levels of Equestrian sport RLT has a fast growing reputation of successful and effective treatment. We have also used RLT on a variety of stock including cattle, goats, horses, mules and dogs with excellent results. RLT is very effective at removing pain and stimulating the body to repair itself. It is safe and effective and we are very excited to be able to offer this option to stock owners in Northern Australia.

Equissage - This needs little introduction. We are very fortunate to have purchased a Equissage unit and will be offering a travelling service. We initially purchased the unit to service our horses in training and our own stock however the benefits of this simply have to be shared. With the unique cyclical vibration system which gently stimulates circulation and cellular movement without damaging cell walls, it offers a very thorough form of massage. A 20minute treatment will have benefits lasting up to 8hrs. This is an excellent tool to use to warm up, loosen up muscles, relax and warm down muscles and also to stimulate the removal of waste products from the body. There are several options within a treatment from therapy uses to speed up recovery and boost circulation, to a general massage for wellness and maintenance through to a relaxation and very gentle setting. Equissage is quiet, and so far we have yet to find an animal (or person, yes sometimes we use it on ourselves too) that has not felt and moved better post treatment.

Herbal Blends and Holistic Medicine - Over many years of studying and using natural remedies we offer a smaller service to those wishing to use natural remedies and herbs. We tailor herbal blends and remedies to individuals and often treat dogs, horses and other assorted livestock. Our past clients have experienced success in treating poisonings, colic, pain relief, ageing stock, pregnancy in stock issues, circulation and internal organ malfunction, general wellbeing and allergy issues. Postal and phone orders most welcome.

With all horses in training these therapies are offered as extras to ensure good health and performance ideals are maintained. We also offer a mobile service in the Top End of Australia. We hope to be at all the big events in 2015 however we welcome bookings across the Top End and will be happy to make a regular round in the Darwin and Katherine Regions. For other areas please call to discuss details.

*Canine Photonic Light Therapy*
We offer our red light service for dogs, pain management, recovery from surgery, joint pain, anxiety, digestion and recovery from injury.
Non invasive, calms and relaxes dogs. Travelling service with reasonable rates.