SweetPro Feed and Supplement Range

After years of working to develop an all round animal feed supplement which meant mixing our own and trying countless products, we were delighted to discover Sweetpro. SweetPro is an animal feed company based in the USA. Soon there will be a production plant built here in Australia which is going to be a big step in the animal feed market in the meantime we are bringing this feed into the NT by the container load. We are extremely happy to be the Northern Territory Distributors for this exceptional line of products.

Here at Red Rocks Stud we have been trialling the products at our own cost to see if they stood up to the advertising. As many of you know the outback can be a harsh and tricky environment and feeding cattle can be the difference between success and failure. We were pleased to see that not only did our cattle, horses, goats and mules all take to the products but they also have had less health issues in the time we have been using the products. In addition our grazing rotation has slowed down as our paddocks are lasting longer. This is not because the stock are eating the Sweetpro instead of grazing. Far from it. In fact they are needing less grass as their base requirements have been met with the blocks. Essentially they are not "hunting" for nutrients in a sea of tropical grass. Rather they are able to simply use their pasture as roughage and we can be sure they have access to a full range of balanced minerals. All of the materials used in this feed is bio-available, which means the animals body can recognise the nutrient and use it immediately. Think of it like buying food out of its packaging. The minerals are chelated (ionic bonded to make them easier for the body to absorb). This means there is no waste. Couple this with the fact that the blocks do not use molasses, you can be sure your stock are not simply eating the blocks for a sugar fix.

The big draw card for us with Sweetpro, is the use of Prebiotics and Probiotics in the blocks! This is revolutionary! Prebiotics are the essential fibres that feed the Probiotics, which are the microbes responsible for correct gut function. Usually in order to supply your horses with these, requires you to mix up different ingredients into a nightly feed or syringe over the tongue. Here you have the option of providing them free access in the paddock at all times. There has not been this option offered for cattle and other grazing stock in the past but we are excited for the future with this tried and true product. The addition of Probiotics will increase feed efficiency and therefore cut your feed bills. Whether its your business or hobby the bottom line matters. For us here at Red Rocks Stud, most of our animals are run in range conditions and it is certainly peace of mind to know they all have access to high quality feed and all their requirements are being met when we are not there. Tests in the USA have showed a reduction of 25% in forage (hay) consumption and waste.

There are a full range of blocks to complement each grouping of stock and their pasture conditions. The equine range offers you the convenience of having all the essential nutrients in a block or for those keeping horses stabled and monitoring their intake you can also access the EquiPride loose mix formula.

We will be bringing these products out to shows and campdrafts in the coming year. However in the meantime if you have any questions or orders. Please drop us a line.

In addition you can peruse the new SweetPro Website for detailed product information. http://sweetpro.com.au/