What are Mules?

Mules are a hybrid created when a Jack (male) donkey breeds with a Horse/Pony Mare (female). Mules are generally infertile, with exception to some very rare cases. Mules are incredibly tough, they have super strong hooves and they are hardy and very low maintenance. Mules are incredibly intelligent and can be trained to perform just as horses can be. Often mules are portrayed as stubborn however they are simply a reflection of their environment. They love to be loved and are affectionate and gentle companions when they are treated kindly and fairly. However they like to have rules and consistency as it makes them feel secure and assures them of their place in your herd.

Mules do not bray!!! They are nice and quiet and will “squeak”, “honk” and have a very cute whinny.

Our mules are special as they are miniatures. We aim to breed show quality, hardy, loving miniatures that have the beautiful conformation and shape of their dams, the sturdy hardiness of their sire, in a bright, friendly, loving, playful, respectful tiny package! Our mares and Jack are all under 33” tall and most have been shown successfully prior to breeding. We hope our mules will go onto be shown, loved and fill a variety of roles from competing in harness, led classes to being someone’s best friend!

We handle all of our foals extensively and do not tolerate bad habits or vices. In fact their only vice is apples! They just love them! We teach our foals to lead, tie, pick up their feet, and allow us to touch them anywhere (not hard when all they want is a cuddle!) Our babies have had excellent nutrition and parasite control and have always had excellent care.