Red Rocks Stud Horsemanship Program
“Equine Magic”
Our horsemanship program teaches connection, body language and leadership skills using horses.
The initial stage is simply a demonstration showing communication with an animal of a different species using only emotion and body language. The highlights here are on the ripple effect of emotion, channels of communication and confidence. This demonstration highlights what is possible and also allows viewers to decide if they wish to follow on and build these skills.
We can then offer different levels of experience.
- Using miniature ponies for touch therapy and building closeness and empathy skills
- Using the ponies and horses for ground work, grooming, working on connection
- Advanced skill building with the horses participating in groundwork.
We offer therapy in 5 and 10week blocks this is in conjunction with qualified psychologists and we offer a travelling service. We work with special needs children, youth justice and family services.
We do not offer riding as this is solely about building personal skills and using horses and ponies as a medium to provide an external focus on leadership.
The horses and ponies can be traveled to set locations to provide the program this will of course adjust costs depending on factors such as arena space etc. Small groups and individuals can be catered for. This program is aimed at everyone regardless of age and experience. No equine skills or knowledge is needed.
I personally have been involved with horses for 20yrs and have worked in a professional capacity coaching/ teaching, training and breeding horses. This is a program offered through our stud on a small scale and we are willing to bring it to a wider range of people to share the benefits. Hippotherapy is widely known as an international therapy option for people with disability and other issues. We have blended that with horsemanship skills to offer a different type of hippotherapy, one that works on mental connection, communication and leadership skills. For further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.